1965 Seiko 62mas Diver 6217-8000 Small Crown - Serviced

Product no.: SE210117
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"Seiko introduced the 62MAS in 1965 and it was THE original professional dive watch from the Japanese company. The nickname "62MAS" comes from the first two digits of the reference number – 62 – and MAS from "auto[MA]tic [S]elfdater," AKA an automatic movement with date. The 62MAS features a quick-set date, which was innovative at the time, as many other brands time did not yet have the capability.

Seiko used a smaller crown at the beginning of the production run for this watch in 1965. The example we have here is from the first series of 62MAS watches with the 5.5mm crown. Another interesting detail about watches from the first series is that the characteristic dolphin etching on the caseback was etched lighter to begin with, and many have rubbed away due to wear, leaving only the case number on the back visible." (c) Hodinkee

The Small Crown was produced for only two months in April and May 1965, for a total of ca. 12300 watches.

Additional product information

Model/Modell/Modèle: 62Mas Small Crown
Year / Jahr / Année: 1965
Reference / Referenz / Référence: 6217-8000
Serial Number / Serienummer / Numéro de Série: 5508307
Case / Gehäuse / Boîtier (1-10): very good original stainless steel case with some signs of wear and use, one of the very rare examples where the edged dolphin still can be seen on the case back, which is screwing down tight (7)
Movement / Werk / Mouvement: excellent original Seiko 6217A movement with quick set date in very good working condition
Winding / Aufzug / Remontage: automatic
Dial / Zifferblatt / Cadran: very nice original grey-green diver dial with applied indices and perfectly matching hand set all glowing strongly, with the typical distinctive features of the early small crown dial, such as large fixation holes for the Logo, font, etc.
Bezel / Lünette / Lunette: nice original bi-drectional rotating bezel with some signs of wear all around and missing luminous dot
Crystal / Glas / Verre: excellent acrylic crystal with hardly any signs of wear
Bracelet / Armband / Bracelet: very nice Seiko stainless steel bracelet with straight end links and folding clasp
Diameter / Durchmesser / Diamètre: ca. 38mm
Serviced / Revidiert / Révisé: Yes
Accessoires: n/a

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